Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

How to Start Small Agribusinesses with Snails in Nigeria

Snails are a popular delicacy in Nigeria, and they have also become a great source of income for many people. If you’re looking to start a small agribusiness in Nigeria, snails might be a good option to consider. In this post, we’ll explore three small agribusinesses you can start with low funds around snails in […]
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Beans flour

Beans Beyond Farming: Unveiling 5 Great Thriving Agribusiness Ventures

Hey there, fellow agribusiness enthusiast! Today, we’re diving into a topic that might just challenge everything you thought you knew about beans. Yes, those little legumes that usually conjure up images of fields and farmers. But what if I told you that beans have a whole world of agribusiness opportunities waiting to be explored, without […]
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Catfish value addition agribusiness

Catfish Agribusiness: Top 6 Lucrative Processing, Packaging, and Food Ventures

Catfish, a widely consumed and highly nutritious freshwater fish, presents abundant opportunities for agribusiness ventures beyond traditional fish farming. From processing to packaging and creating delectable food products, catfish offers a wealth of possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking profitable ventures. In this blog post, we will explore the top six agribusiness ideas centered on catfish […]
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Groundnut Goldmine: Top 5 Profitable Groundnut Agribusiness that is not farming

Groundnut, also known as peanut, is a versatile and nutritious crop with a vast array of agribusiness opportunities beyond traditional farming. From processing to packaging and creating delicious food products, groundnut offers endless possibilities for entrepreneurs seeking lucrative ventures. In this blog post, we will explore the top five agribusiness ideas centered around groundnut that […]
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“Yam Unleashed: 5 Creative yam agribusiness Ideas that is not farming

Yam, a versatile and nutritious crop, holds tremendous potential for entrepreneurs seeking to venture into the food industry. With its rich flavor, unique texture, and numerous health benefits, yam has captured the attention of health-conscious consumers and food enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we will explore five innovative food business ideas centered around yam, […]
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How to Make the Most of Seasonal Produce in the Kitchen

Seasonal produce not only offers superior flavor and nutrition but also supports local farmers and reduces the environmental impact of food transportation. Knowing how to make the most of seasonal produce in the kitchen can elevate your culinary creations and inspire you to explore new tastes and textures. This article will guide you through the […]
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5 Agribusinesses You Can Start using small funds at Home with Eggs

Starting an agribusiness at home using eggs as the primary resource is an excellent way to leverage their versatility and demand. Eggs are not only a nutritious food item but can also be processed into various products. In this blog post, we will explore five agribusiness ideas that you can start at home using eggs: […]
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A farmer holding tablet as a Role of Technology on Modern Agribusiness

The Role of Technology in Modern Agribusiness

Over the years, technological innovation and advancements have transformed the way farming and agriculture are been conducted locally, traditional farming practices have been modernized and optimized with the integration of cutting-edge technologies. These advancements have not only improved productivity but have also addressed various challenges faced by the industry, such as labor shortage and resource […]
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Agricultural News In Review

Top Agricultural News Within Nigeria | 3rd July 2023

Top Agricultural News Within Nigeria | 3rd July 2023 Letter to our Incoming Commission of Agriculture: As to why we must embrace fish farming  Lagos State holds tremendous potential for the development of a thriving fish industry, thanks to its abundant water resources. Discover how the incoming Lagos Agriculture Commissioner plans to tap into this […]
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