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Agrodemand for carrot production

Introduction Carrots are a member of the Apiaceae (formerly called Umbelliferae) family, which also includes celery, anise, dill, and cilantro. They are a biennial crop, producing their taproot the first year, and, if left to grow, would flower, set seed and die the second year. Although most all the carrots marketed in Nigeria today are […]
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Afioluwa Mogaji also known as African farmer Mogaji is a renowned agricultural expert, coach, and marketer with over twenty-three years of experience. He is the CEO of Farm credit, an X-Ray Farms Consulting firm. Mogaji is a practicing farmer, farming consultant, and farm produce marketer.    His love for agriculture started at a tender age […]
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Eggs are nutrient-packed, multi-purpose delicacies. Its uses and benefits cannot be over-exaggerated. These benefits include its culinary and commercial uses. The most common eggs consumed in Nigeria are hen’s eggs, but eggs from some other birds are also consumed. Eggs can be consumed in different ways as scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and omelets. We also […]
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If you are looking out for healthy meat that is affordable, available and still healthy. Then the poultry meat is your best bet. We can define poultry as domestic fowls including chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. The nutritive value of poultry meat depends on various factors ranging from age, feeding, carcass parts, and type of […]
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Yummy delicious guinea fowl and its health benefit.

Just in case you haven’t tried it before, get ready to enjoy the finger-licking nutrients in guinea fowl. Guinea fowl, is poultry originating from Africa, sometimes called pintades, pearl hens, or gleanies. They are from the Numida family and are related to other game birds such as pheasants, turkeys, and partridges. Guinea fowl meat is […]
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In many respects, a veterinarian is like a pediatrician. Animals cannot talk like babies and children, and hence clinical history is obtained from the owner or client as a pediatrician would get from a child’s parents. Achieving this requires excellent people skills and communication skills. What They cannot get from the clinical history is then […]
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What is Agricultural Investment in the real sense?

By definition, Investment consists of all expenditures aimed at increasing the productive capacity of a business. It seeks to acquire assets, which yield productivity gains spread over time. In Agriculture, Investment takes different forms. It consists of acquiring agricultural lands, planting and cultivation of crops, animal husbandry, sales and purchase of agricultural equipment (machinery, equipment, […]
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Having discussed the definition and the general overview of Agribusiness in the last article, we astressed that Agribusiness is a combination of two words (Agriculture and Business) meaning it includes enterprises relating to Agriculture. Today we would take a leap further by considering each state and predominant Agribusiness common to them. First is Ondo State. […]
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The Role of Agriculture in Nigeria

Prior to the discovery of oil in Nigeria, agriculture was the mainstay of the economy. Agriculture was then the highest earner of foreign exchange for the country, and Nigeria was also largely self-sufficient in food production. However, with the discovery of oil, the lure of petro dollars turned the focus of the country from agriculture. […]
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The Role of Agriculture in Nigeria’s Economy

Agriculture has been regarded in recent times as the most viable route with which Nigeria can successfully meander from her current economic dilemma. This article is aimed at shedding some light on the role of agriculture in the Nigerian economy. Agriculture involves the science, practice and occupation of cultivating land and raising crops. It also […]
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