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Value Addition Course for Agric product

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Course Prerequisite(s)

What I will learn?

  • An understanding of the concept of agricultural value addition and its benefits for small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs
  • The ability to identify profitable agricultural products and evaluate their potential for value addition
  • Techniques for developing value-addition techniques, including food processing, preservation, and product diversification
  • Knowledge of packaging and branding regulations and standards, and the ability to design attractive and informative packaging for agricultural products
  • Marketing and sales strategies for value-added agricultural products, including social media marketing, sales channels, and pricing strategies
  • Business management skills for building a successful agribusiness, including developing a business plan, financial management, human resources management, and scaling up and expansion
  • The ability to undertake a project applying the skills and knowledge learned during the course, and to present the project at graduation

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Agricultural Value Addition
Definition of agricultural value addition Benefits of value addition for small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs Case studies of successful value-addition businesses in the agricultural sector

Week 2: Identifying Profitable Agricultural Products
Market research techniques Identifying consumer demand and trends Evaluating the feasibility of value addition for different agricultural products Case studies of profitable value-added agricultural products

Week 3: Developing Value-Addition Techniques
Food processing techniques, including drying, smoking, and canning Preservation techniques, including freezing and pickling Product diversification techniques, including creating new products from existing ones Case studies of successful value addition techniques used in the agricultural sector

Week 4: Packaging and Branding
Designing attractive and informative packaging for agricultural products Creating a brand identity that resonates with the target market Packaging and branding regulations and standards Case studies of successful packaging and branding in the agricultural sector

Week 5: Marketing and Sales
Creating a marketing plan for agricultural products Social media marketing strategies Sales channels, including online and offline options Pricing strategies for value-added agricultural products Case studies of successful marketing and sales in the agricultural sector

Week 6: Building a Successful Agribusiness
Developing a business plan for an agribusiness Financial management for agribusinesses Human resources management and team building Scaling up and expanding an agribusiness Case studies of successful agribusinesses in the agricultural sector

Week 7: Project and Graduation
Undertaking a project and applying the skills and knowledge learned during the course Preparing and presenting the project at graduation Pitch video submissions Pitch deck submissions Project Report submission Grant application class

Week 8: Graduation
Pitch Competition Physical Meet-up Marketplace signup Award Nomination Graduation ceremony

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Material Includes

  • Ebook on 7 ways to add value to an agric product
  • Business plan template
  • Business model canvas
  • Product pricing templates
  • Ebook on 5 ways to sell value-added agric products
  • Pitch deck template for Value added agribusiness
  • Template guide for 1, 2,3, and 5 minute pitches for Value added agribusiness


  • Be dedicated to all assignment
  • Show up and ask questions in the Q and A session.