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Agricultural marketing refers to the services that go into getting a crop from the farm to the customer. When it comes to marketing agricultural products in Nigeria, there are a variety of obstacles to overcome. Here’s a simple reference guide to get you started.

1. Effective marketing targets a certain audience.

You want to make a product, a service, a political movement, or something else that everyone would appreciate? Go to sleep; perhaps you’ll have a dream about what that might be like. Frank Kern wrote a book called Convert, which I read. Kern describes how he made “offensive” advertising. What makes you think it’s offensive?

Determine who your target market is and how to organize your business and marketing accordingly.

2. Great marketing emphasizes wants rather than needs.

This was a difficult lesson for me to learn. I once squandered nearly nine months of my life attempting to market my service to a certain group of people who “needed” it. People who aren’t in his target market will find it offensive.

People don’t buy what they need, in case you didn’t know. They purchase what they desire or need. The insurance company sells what people need, while the hospital sells what people have to buy. It’s easy to see why one industry is thriving while the other is struggling.

This notion is well understood by those in the fashion industry, that is why 90 per cent of the fashion industry is focused on ladies and women.

Ladies buy clothes because they desire them, while men buy clothes because they need them. If you understand this, you’ll be able to structure your agriculture marketing to fulfil people’s wants rather than their needs.

3. Great marketing promotes a solution rather than a product or service.

What does it matter what you’re selling? It’s just you and your mother. What matters to people is a solution to their issues or desires. Your marketing message should focus on how your target client meets his needs by purchasing your goods rather than on you or your farm.

4. Great marketing appeals to emotion rather than logic.

Do you recall what our psychology professor told us? Humans make decisions based on their emotions, which they subsequently justify with their heads.

This means that most people won’t patronize your agribusiness (even if it’s the best in the country) if it doesn’t emotionally appeal to them. Yes, most guys will not approach the best woman in town if she isn’t physically appealing.

If your agriculture marketing isn’t emotionally compelling, most consumers won’t be interested.

5. Great marketing helps to advertise a fantastic product.

Marketing is merely a channel via which you can market your product, service, or idea. If you use the best marketing money can buy to sell a bad service, product, or ideology, it will fail. No agricultural enterprise can be successful without marketing

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