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Akwa Ibom is a state with much arable land in West Africa’s rainforest and with a population of over 4million and is naturally endowed as a food basket despite her enormous hydrocarbon deposits that support the entire Nigerian economy. There are so many opportunities for agriculture within the state.

Fortunately, the state is blessed with arable land and favourable climate that supports all-year-round cultivation and extraction of agricultural and forest products such as palm produce, rubber, cocoa, rice, cassava, yam, plantain, banana, maize, and timber.

In terms of employment, agriculture is the dominant economic activity of Akwa Ibom State. Agriculture supports households of about 75% of the state’s population, the rural economy is agro-based, and the state is a powerhouse for various agricultural products such as palm oil, cassava, yam, cocoyam, plantain, maize, rice, rubber, and many varieties of fish and other seafood including catfish, barracuda, sardines, Bonga, croaker, shrimps, crayfish, snappers, bivalves, squids and oysters.

Investment opportunities in this state include- palm- Cocoa- Industrial city well, to deal with huge hydrocarbon deposits, farmers are advised to adopt phytoremediation. Phytoremediation is a cost-effective method of reducing the risk to human and ecosystem health posed by contaminated water. It entails the use of plants, for the removal of contaminants and could involve mechanisms such as phytodegradation, rhizodegradation, rhizofiltration, phytoextraction, phytovolatilization, hydraulic control and phytostabilization.

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